Monday, April 7, 2014

Another edition of How I'd Like to Live...

Hi guys.  It's been a minute.  I'm back.  I'm really all over INSTAGRAM.  This blogger format is too much work now... too many steps to link and upload photos...hopefully blogger will fix their platform and make it more user friendly, like INSTAGRAM... 

So if you want to know what I'm up to and what's inspiring me day to day or hour to hour...follow me on Instagram.  

I'll post here when the spirit hits to day.

I'm working hard to change my diet...and this salad looks soooo good.  If I could have extra help in one area of a housekeeper, chauffeur, personal assistant, trainer or cook...I'll take a cook...

I'm sure I posted this before...LOVE everything about it.  If I had a small guest bathroom the walls would look like this...

More painted furniture.  My love.  I purchased paint to use on my bedroom dresser and mirror...over a month ago...yet to use it...this is my inspiration.  I need to purchase new knobs...maybe today.  ...And I want that stool...I will find it in the thrift store...

Spring is almost here...and this is my favorite spring look.  White shirt...shorts.  Simple and classic.

 ...again.  It's time for my terrace transformation...this is my inspiration.  NYC is giving away FREE trees and I got two... Redbush Trees...and yes, I will grow them on my terrace...

Go here if you are interested in getting free trees for your yard.

 The most beautiful piece of jewelry I've seen in forever...Don't give me diamonds...give me this.

 Inspiration for my new "spring" furniture arrangement.

I love, love, love this easy to make...towel rack for the bathroom.

Sigh.  round accents...standing buddha...yes, yes, and yes.

 I want to vacation with a view like this...

I know this tie-dyed trend is a few seasons old...but, it will never bee too old for

There you have inspired.

"Live the life you dream about, I dare you."

Monday, March 10, 2014

A quick glimpse into my New Orleans trip...

Guys, sorry I've been missing around the blog...I going to be honest...I just haven't been into blogging lately.  It's not really working as the creative outlet it once was for me.  I'm not sure how to fix it or if I even want to fix it...I think I'm just about ready to move on from blogging.  Sigh.

I do want to share a few pics from my trip.  I had good intentions of making a great video of the trip...with lots of tips and ideas on what to do and see...yeah. Nope.  Didn't happen.  Not saying that it won't ever happen...just not now.  Until's the quick story...

This is the home we stayed in.  Loving restored, 3 bedroom home owned by two african american sisters...Cost just $99.00 bucks a night...we loved it.

cute little restaurant blocks away from the home we stayed in.  Good food, music and reasonably priced.

The home had a private porch off the bedroom...How long have I wanted to stay in a house with a porch off the bedroom...too bad the weather didn't exactly cooperate for lounging out there...but, it would be perfect in the spring and summer months.

No detail was overlooked in this home...skeleton keys lovingly restored.

We ate a buffet meal here...don't remember the's on Bourbon street.  Food was just o.k.  I'm not a fan of the buffet meal.  Too many hands touching everything...yikes.

Jackson Square, French Quarter

Loved, loved, loved every home...and I took lots of pics...too lazy to upload.

This home reminds me of my girlfriends house...LOVED it! 

 The night view from the kitchen window where we stayed...bridge over the mighty Mississippi River.

 ...just look at how beautifully this home has been restored.

...and I'm out...

Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm Back...just listed...

Hi guys, I'm back from NOLA!  Let me just say, my eyes were wide open in New  What a city...more on that next week.  I'll give you tips on how to enjoy the city should you be venturing there for this years Essence Music Festival.

As for now, I am back at work uploading items to my Etsy shop.
Here's a peek at a couple new items recently listed.

Check out my etsy shop to purchase.



Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Next UP...NOLA

My dream trip...two of my favorite movies are Skeleton Key and Eve's Bayou...both filmed in Louisiana...I just love the imagery of the place...where bohemian life, spirituality, curiosity and a love of life collide.  
I'm renting a home with a friend for 4 days in the Garden District of New Orleans.  I used the Airbnb website to book the house. 
Airbnb is a site where people just like you and me list their actual homes for rent by the day, week, month or year.  (need some extra cash????)  I follow a few bloggers who have used the service with I decided to give it a try.  Give the site a could be there all day...tons of photos of homes all over the world just waiting for you.
This is my first time using Air B&B...but, I did say this is the year of doing things I've never done before...Our host has amazing reviews on the site...can't wait to meet them.
This is not the house we are renting...that would be creepy...don't need any creepers.

I can't wait to tour the above ground cemeteries.  New Orleans is so rich with history and culture.  Did you know they can't bury people underground because of flooding?

Ah, yeah.  No!  I'll pass on the loud, walking parties of the French Quarter.

Yeah...that's more like it...Frenchman Street...galleries, food, jazz...I'm open to that...

I look forward to crossing the Mississippi River...sigh.

The Food Network recommends Cafe Beignet for the best beignets in the City.  I'll give it a try.

According to my research, Royal Street is the tourist destination for art...can't wait.

And of course the music...can't miss the music...
Can't wait to share my adventures with you guys.

Live the life you dream about.  I dare you.

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