Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall - Time to Nest

Fall is just a couple of days away...You know what that means at the Soul Pretty Casa...Nesting.
I'm donating tons of stuff to charity this week...to make room for all the wonderful stuff I'm seeing but not buying while on my weekly thrifting missions.

Here I have compiled a couple of inspiration images to help me along the way to cozy...

Huge lampshades are in abundance at the thrift store...always covered in an old, ugly fabric...
Why not remove the fabric and expose the frame...just like this...Hum.  May give it a try.

I purchased a replica of this chair a few years ago for my birthday...and have yet to have it displayed properly...it sits in a corner...sad.

This room...sigh.  I have two similar plants on my terrace...This image has inspired me to put one in my bedroom when I bring them inside for the winter.  Also, the bedspread reminded me that I have a very similar one somewhere...must find.

I have posted this photo before...I just love the colors...

I have a mannequin and I don't know where to put it...
Why not in the kitchen?  
I don't see why not...I'll try it...

You know how much I love an ecclectic, boho room...this is my favorite...and I have a DIY idea for a table that I have...I'd love to transform it into something similar to this African Drum Table.
Stick around to see how my space comes together..

How to live stylishly in a Small Space

If you live in a small space...a studio space...I'm sure this video will inspire you to live large.

Home tour begins at 6 min...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How I'd Like to Live Today - Boho Beach Vibe

Yes...please send me an invitation to this party...Love everything about it...especially the tablecloth, maxi dresses and chunky jewels...

I was on the beach yesterday...and I rarely wear a swimsuit...been working on my body...but it's not there yet.  This is the perfect way to chill on the beach comfortably.  I no longer buy one or two piece swim suit...I only purchase bottoms and wear a t-shirt or tunic on top...perfect.

Oh...look at Blu and Mommy...so sweet.
No boho day at the beach is complete without a floral headband...keeps the weave in check.

Why didn't I think of this?  I will be making this...because I looooove it!

Wouldn't this be the perfect spot to lounge after a day in the sun?
...and FYI, this table is haunting me...I started my blog...years ago...lusting after this table.
...another DIY project that never happened...sigh.

My dream is to have a dinner party on the beach as the sun sets...

The perfect dress for cocktails at the beach bar.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Always ready for a room make-over...

You guys know I'm always ready for a room make-over.  Well, it's almost August and I'm itching to make-over my living room...It just feels so tired and old.  I mean, I've had everything in the room for years now and I need to look at something new...problem is...I don't have room for anything new.  I always find beautiful things at the thrift that I love...but, I can't purchase them because I have TOO much stuff already.  What's a girl to do?  I'm going to start selling off most of my stuff.  I have already purchased a booth for my annual neighborhood flea market in September...and everything must go...and this week I will begin posting items for sale here on the blog and in my Etsy shop...so stay tuned.

Until then, let's just imagine how awesome my living will look when it's remodeled this fall. 

...Just look at how many chairs are in this room.  YES!  I love chairs...I have lots of them...and this is just inspiration on how I can arrange them...
This is just bohemian goodness.

What can I say, except...more chairs!  I love the way the couch is wrapped with fabric...the art work is also divine.

Oh, sigh.  The pouf. The plant. The black wall. Yes, yes, and yes.

I'm thinking...just thinking, about dyeing my sofa slip covers blue.  I know it won't look like this...but, the white may have to go.
I need this coffee table.  Need.  
I have tons of bookshelves...so this room really speaks to me.

The colors in this room are way too subtle for my taste right now.  I do love the way the mirrors are paired...and I have two just like them...
Stools and glass table again...I'll take it.  I just wish the room as more colorful.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bohemian Summer - How I'd Like to Live

Yesterday was Mini's B-day!  It was a Godday for sure...milestone. See more about that on my Instagram account.

Summer is moving right along pleasantly...I just returned from a trip to Tybee Island in Savannah, GA...photos on my Instagram.

The trip was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I fell in like with Savannah.  It was everything I expected New Orleans to be, but wasn't.

Savannah is slow in areas and hip in areas, artsy in areas and beachy...really reminded me of Soho and Brooklyn neighborhoods in NYC.

I visited a couple of thrift store and scored some awesome finds that I look forward to sharing with you guys here on the blog.

Until then...here is a sample of how I'd like to live today...
I could live in these breezy summer boho dresses.

White rooms...still my favorite...

Printed boho drawstring pants...love.

I could spend a summer day here...chillin

Ripped jeans and white button down shirt...summer uniform.  
This outfit is easily thrifted for no more than $12.00...You'd probably have to DIY the jeans...

My gas has been shut off for the last 4 weeks...sigh.  I really miss baking...no estimated repair date...they have to remove and reinstall all the gas pipes in my building...any whoooo.
I'm really thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets black...like this...my counter tops are already black...just thinking about it...

How cute is this hair cut...?
I love everything about this room. especially the clothing hanging from the wall like art.  The two club chairs are doing it for me too.

You would think that I'm eating tons of salads...having no gas and all. NOT.  This salad looks so good and simple.  I'm just not motivated. Sigh.

I want the biggest hair possible.

I'm on the hunt for a thrifted curio cabinet that will house all my textiles and blankets...something I can paint...just like this.

Live the life you dream about...I dare you.
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